Create Free Marathi eBooks

It is easy to create a free Marathi eBook. eBook is nothing but a file in PDF format. You can write your Marathi eBook by using Microsoft word or any other word processor, like Open Office. Then upload that document file to Google Drive (Google Docs). 

Check the format of your uploaded file. Add images, change text format, alignment and do other adjustments, if necessary. Create a cover page and last page. You can add the year of publication, publisher, the name of writer and his email address (contact information).

After that, download it in the PDF format. The option for that should be given in the File menu. Do not forget to check the format of your Marathi eBook one more time before you download it as PDF file. After you download your ebook on your computer. See if it is in the proper format.

Upload that Marathi eBook (PDF format) to your Google Drive account and then create a public link for it. Send that link on with your request for distribution of that eBook. Thousands of Marathi people visit our website every month. We can distribute your work to those people for free. 

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